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Adopt Don’t Shop, what does this really mean and why is it important?

Every year tens of thousands of dogs, both mixed breed and pedigrees, for one reason or another end up in the animal welfare system and most importantly, through absolutely no fault of their own.

Over the years Michelle and I have owned twelve dogs and although we bought three of them the others all came to us as their second or third homes. We loved them all just the same and you would never have known which were which, but the pleasure we gained from helping the unwanted ones was endless.

There is nothing wrong with buying the right puppy for your lifestyle and no one should feel pressured to adopt a rescue as sometimes, as we know ourselves, it is just not right to take an older dog at that particular time of your life.

We have been working in the pet care industry for more than 30 years and during this time have got to know hundreds of people and organisations who work tirelessly looking after the unwanted pets in the system. This is just one of the reasons that Scampers refuse to sell pets in our store.  Scampers choose to focus instead on education and to always encourage potential pet purchasers to check out their local animal rescue first, whether that pet is a rabbit, guinea pig, kitten or a dog/puppy.

It was after working with Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, seeing what the campaign group Pup Aid was promoting and through seeing just how many dogs and cats were looking for homes via our Twitter and Facebook feeds that we decided to set up this page with the websites of all rescue and welfare groups, who are registered charities, who would like to be listed.

Many people we believe don’t even realise that there are breed rescues for virtually every type of pedigree you can think of, therefore it is still possible to get the breed you want but instead you can help a dog in need and just give a donation to the charity. In many instances you may even get a puppy as many still end up in welfare.  Win, win!

Rescue dogs are not bad dogs they are sad dogs and all they need is someone to love them and to nurture them. So please before going ahead and buying that new puppy or kitten take a good look through these websites and see if there is a new pet out there for you with your name on them!

If you do still decide that a puppy is the right choice for you and your family do please always insist that you meet the mother with the puppies and never buy from a third party. #WheresMum?

If you know a great charity rescue organisation or you are involved in one please email Scampers and we will be delighted to add you to the list below.

Here is a list of ethical animal charities you may also find helpful.