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September Savings

  • True Instinct Dog Pouches

    True Instinct Dog Pouches 300g, all varieties
    £1.59, rrp £1.99

    True Instinct Dog Pouches 8x300g, all varieties
    £12.39, rrp £15.49

    True Instinct Small Dog Pouches 150g, all varieties
    £1.11, rrp £1.39

    True Instinct Small Dog Pouches 8x150g, all varieties
    £8.79, rrp £10.99

    20% Off
  • Oscar & Hooch

    Oscar & Hooch Collars
    Xlarge & Large now only £16.65
    Medium now only £15.30

    Oscar & Hooch Leads
    Large now only £17.55
    Medium now only £17.10

    10% Off
  • Self Service Dog Wash

    Self-Service Dog Wash
    Offer price only £7.50

    25% Off
  • Beaphar Dental

    Finger Toothbrush, offer price £3.78
    Dual Toothbrush, offer price £4.46
    Dog Toothpaste, offer price £5.18
    Dental Gel, offer price £5.76
    Dental Kit & Paste, offer price £8.06

    Brushing your dog's teeth daily is the best way to keep your dog's dental hygiene in check. Dental chews and the correct diet also has some effect in reducing plaque.

    Save 10%
  • True Instinct Cat Pouches

    Cat Pouches 70g, offer price .79p
    Cat Pouches 70g x 8, offer price £6.15
    Cat Pouches MVP 70g x 12, offer price £9.19

    20% Off
  • Carnilove for Cats

    Buy any Carnilove Cat Food 400g
    FREE £3.00 voucher of your next 2kg bag

    Money Off Vouchers
  • Carnilove Dog

    ​Buy any 1.5kg bag
    Receive a £3.00 money off voucher for your next 12kg bag

  • Tribal Treats

    Tribal Treats, all varieties
    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE, Save £2.99

    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE
  • R.O.R Raw Nuggets

    R.O.R Raw Complete Nuggets 1kg
    Buy 6 for £31.49, save £1.45 rrp £5.49 each

    Puppy Turkey
    Adult Chicken
    Adult Chicken & Tripe
    Adult Duck & Turkey
    Adult Lamb & Turkey
    Adult Turkey & Salmon
    Senior Lean Turkey

    Fast Frozen for Freshness.  Bone Free & Grain Free. Recommended by Chief Testers, Rooster & Sardine

    Multi-Buy Savings
  • King Catnip

    King Catnip Feasties with real meat 70g, 4 varieties
    Offer price only £2.69 save 30p rrp £2.99 

    #1 Cat Treat @scampers
  • Natures Menu Raw Meaty Bones

    Buy any 5 Raw Meaty Bones
    for £12.85 Save £1.10

    Lamb Rib Bone       
    Lamb Neck   
    Beef Ribs                  
    Beef Knuckle Bone            
    Beef Marrow Bone  
    Beef Trachea           
    Beefy Meaty Chew 
    Duck Wings 
    Duck Necks  
    Turkey Necks

  • 2-in-1 Dog Coats

    Danish Design 2-in-1 Dog Coats
    Raincoat and winter coat all in one

    10% off recommended retail

    Sizes 25cm-70cm in two colours

    Save 10%
  • Orijen 11.4kg Dog Foods

    Adult £69.99  rrp £76.99
    Puppy £71.99 rrp £78.99
    Puppy Large £71.99 rrp £78.99
    Senior £70.99 rrp £77.99
    Fit & Trim £75.99 rrp £82.99
    6-Fish Adult £83.99 rrp £90.99
    Regional Red £91.99 rrp £98.99

    Tundra £101.99 (special order only) rrp £108.99

    Save even more money on your dog’s Orijen food.  Present the new Orijen Saver Card at Scampers every time you make a purchase.  Collect five stamps and get £10 off your sixth bag of ANY Orijen 11.4kg dog food.

    Save £7.00
  • FURminators

    Furminator Groominng Tool Medium
    Scampers Price £25.00, rrp £27.95

    Furminator Groominng Tool Large
    Scampers Price £35.00, rrp £37.95

    Have you tried our self service dog wash?
    Only £10 for a wash & blow dry.

    Money Off
  • Meatlove

    Meatlove 800g all varieties
    Buy 12 for the price of 11 (save up to £5.69)

  • Hilife - Essentials

    Hilife Essentials, Meaty Medley & Chunky Choices
    340g x 13 only £13.00, rrp £14.95

    Save £1.95
  • Vespa Cat Furniture

    V-Play Station £29.50, save £3.50
    V-Box Small £68.00, save £8.50
    V-Box Large £85.00, save £11.50
    V-Cubo £70.00, save £10.00
    V-Tower Walnut £126.00, save £20.00

    while stocks last

    Money Off Deals
  • CatIT Accessories

    Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier only £39.99 - Save £8.01
    end of line colours only, orange, pink or grey

    Money Off Deals
  • Keter Designer Beds

    Keter Cozie Pet Round Bed only £60.99
    Keter Cozie Pet Home only £80.99

    £10.00 off
  • SureFlap Microchip Doors

    Cat Door £60.99 save £19.00
    Dual Scan £76.99 save £23.00
    Pet Door £96.99 save £23.01

    New Lower Prices

You can save even more by using our Scampers reward card. Prices are correct at time of uploading and are subject to change.