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Yumi Smart Bowl

Yumi Smart Bowl

We all love our pets, but sometimes we can love them with food and treats just a little too much, which sadly can lead to them becoming overweight.   Introducing the Yumi Smart Bowl.

When we found the brilliant Yumi Smart Bowl we knew we had a product that could really help pet parents get their dogs and cats get back to a normal waistline and a healthier life.

Obesity in our pets is a common problem these days.  Statistics indicate that between 30% and 50% of all pets are overweight so it is more important than ever we keep our dogs and cats happy and healthy.   Ask us how many times we have heard “they are big boned” or they come from “working stock”.

Proven fact related to overweight pets, and humans, is a reduced lifespan.  Feeding your pets, a balanced diet is vital to their health and can prolong their life for up to two years. Certain breeds are more susceptible to weight gain and need to be monitored more closely.  However, any breed or cross breed may have a tendency to gain weight given the opportunity. 

The risks are multiple and an overweight pet and may suffer from some or, sadly, all of these conditions:

  • Joint disease 
  • Heart and lung problems 
  • Diabetes 
  • Tumours 
  • Poor dental hygiene
  •  Dull coat, dermatitis or dandruff
  • Liver disease 
  • Reduced Lifespan 
  • Exercise intolerance 

All that said, the important thing to remember is that many of the problems associated with being overweight are completely reversible.  Reduced calories and increased exercise and obesity can be reversed in your pets.

It is so important to weigh our pet’s food out each and every meal and you now can easily and accurately with the Yumi Smart Bowl.  When we change our pets diet it is equally important that we measure the amount given, not all pet food has the same calories and different foods are metabolised differently. Its very easy to look at the bowl and think that’s not enough and add a bit more, but it might be way too much.

At Scampers we always recommend that if you are giving snacks and treats these should be considered as part of the diet and NOT ON TOP OF IT. The main reason our pets are obese is down to our behaviour, not theirs.  
Yumi Smart food bowl,with scales, makes it easy to measure your pet's food according to their recommended daily amount. The Yumi Smart Bowl measures in both grams and pounds.  The Yumi Smart Bowl is waterproof but is also hand wash only.  Piers and I weigh our dogs portions EVERY TIME!

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