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Yora Insect Protein Treats for Dogs

Yora Insect Protein Treats for Dogs

Meet the WORLD'S most sustainable pet treats.

Three amazing insect based treats with wholesome ingredients that don’t cost the earth. Protein Bar, Dreamers and Rewards, hand baked biscuits for dogs, a trio of irresistible insect-based rewards that are good for pets and the planet.

More and more vets are recommending insect protein, a truly novel protein source for dogs with allergies to common proteins.

Yora take whole larvae and gently dry them to create a protein rich 'flour' that contains all of their precious nutrients and minerals.

The Yora insect protein is even easier to digest than chicken, and much higher quality and less processed than the meat meal in most other pet foods.

Nutritionally Yora’s grubs are at least as good as chicken, and they're actually easier to digest, which makes them perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Yora's grubs are packed with essential proteins, fats and minerals, and they use only whole grubs so you get all of the goodness, no nasty by-products.

Did you know that Yora uses only compostable or recyclable packaging for all their products?

Top 5 reasons to feed your dog Yora Pet Foods

  1. World’s most sustainable pet food
  2. A fraction of the carbon pawprint 
  3. No growth hormones or antibiotics
  4. Hypoallergenic
  5. Deliciously tasty and nutritious

Pop in and speak to a Pet Care Advisor and make the change to helping not only your pet with great nutrition, but also helping our planet.

Yora dog food and treats, great for dogs & good for the planet.

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