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World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy

World's 'Tuff'est Soft Dog Toy

It’s true no dog toy is indestructible, but Scampers have found a pretty tough range.  Our beautiful Beauceron, Norman, had the Tuffie's Triceratops; a tuff scale of 7.  Three years on and Norman’s toy was still looking like a Triceratops, big and tuff.   Our little Frenchie, Rooster, now has the baby Tuffie's Triceratops.

Each Tuffie's toy is made with seven rows of stitching, four layers of material, protective webbing and squeaker safety pockets, making them incredibly durable and tuff!!  They Float, Squeak and are Machine Washable at low temperature.

Measure the tuffness of your chosen toy using Tuffie's Tuff Scale:

Rating 6 -   Created for interactive play
Rating 7 -   A really tough toy but still vulnerable
Rating 8 -   Long lasting and really tuff
Rating 9 -  Extremely Tuff and durable
Rating 10 - Highest ranking - Tiger tested, dog approved!

Please note: Although Tuffie's toys are of high quality and made to last, there is no such thing as an indestructible toy – if you have a very determined dog we recommend you choose a model with the highest rating. Tuffie's are for interactive play. Don't leave your dog unattended with any toys or rawhide chews.