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Where's the Meat? - Let's Talk About Cat Food.

Where's the Meat? - Let's Talk About Cat Food.

The British pet food market is worth more than four billion pounds a year (source: It’s big business, dominated by two very large companies, Mars and Nestle, both telling us their pet food is the best for your dogs and cats. But, what's the real truth about your pet's food?

At Scampers, we take being a pet parent seriously. Our dogs and cats are a central part of the family, and it’s important that what we feed them is healthy and nutritious. So, when in 2008 we first started to notice subtle changes in the condition of our dogs and their general lack of wellbeing, we took notice - what could be causing their skin and coats to lose their lustre? When we investigated further we didn’t like what we found.

What’s in your pet food?

In the UK two organisations, Mars and Nestle, control about 80% of the pet food market. This means that for many people the company that makes their detergent is the same one that makes their pet food. That might be fine if the same companies ensured the food they produced was good for your pets; the truth is that many of these foods only contain 4% of the named meat in them. So, a ‘Chicken’ cat food, may only actually contain 4% chicken. True, it might have other meats and derivatives in it, but what they are and which part of the animal they came from is unclear. It’s also worth noting that ‘derivatives’ are the animal parts ‘left over’ from another food manufacturing process - not exactly the sort of quality ingredient that’s going to keep your pets in tip-top condition.

As soon as we realized the compromised quality of the food these companies were making, we knew we had to do something. We reviewed everything we stocked and stopped selling any that didn’t come up to scratch. This was in 2010 and led to our hugely successful ‘Where’s the meat?’ campaign highlighting the lower quality ingredients of many of the leading manufacturers’ products. It also lead to us parting ways with the pet food giants; by reducing the meat content and quality of their products we believe these companies were no longer putting your pets’ best interests at the heart of their business and that profits had become more important. So, we ditched them completely to support smaller, more independent natural pet food manufacturers. The results have been nothing short of amazing; we have grown as a business and our own and our customers’ pets have never looked better.

Supporting independent natural pet food manufacturers
We support smaller producers because we know the commitment and values they put into their products matches the passion and energy we put into our business.

Some of the smaller companies we work with that are championing natural, high meat content foods are:
Acana, Canagan, Country Hunter, Meat Love, Natures Menu, Nutriment,  Orijen, Symply, Carnilove, Thrive and Taste of the Wild.

Natural pet food with clear ingredients
Visit Scampers today and you’ll find every single pet food and treat has its ingredients clearly displayed on-shelf, so you know exactly what is in the foods you buy. It makes it very simple for you to choose which food is right for your pet from our unrivalled range of natural, high meat content, grain-free, organic, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Foods (BARF).

We see all this as a natural evolution. Natural, because we know it’s best for your pet. Evolution, because we believe you’re never too old to learn and change. Seeing the results for your pets has been especially rewarding and has galvanized us as a team. All our Pet Care Advisors have extensive training on our natural pet food ranges and can help you choose the right diet for all your dogs and cats. 

Who makes your pet food?

Nestle = Purina, Bakers, Beta, Winalot, Bonio, Felix, Gourmet,

Mars = James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Pedigree, Whiskas, Dentastix, Schmakos, Chappie, Pal, Sheba, Cesar,

Colgate Palmolive = Hills Science Plan, Hills Prescription.

All our Pet Care Advisors have extensive training on these natural cat food ranges and can help you choose the right diet for your cats.

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