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Variety is the spice of life!

Variety is the spice of life!

Feeding as nature intended is best for our pets. But the big boys don’t want you to listen!

One pet, one life, one pet food.

That’s the best way to feed our pets, right?


Imagine eating the same thing day after day after day? Sound good? For years this has been the mantra of the major pet food manufacturers, veterinary surgeons, pet shops, dog trainers, groomers and other pet professionals. The accepted thinking was to feed just one pet food brand and never use anything other than the one brand.  We said the same thing ourselves, and practised what we preached with our own pets.

But can this really be the healthiest option? We certainly know that it is not best for us! Or is it just marketing people doing what they do best, selling us brands with endless promotions and free gifts with purchase?

At Scampers we decided it was time to do some digging.

Seeing the light
Only feeding one particular brand of pet food was one thing while those brands were producing a premium product. Unfortunately over the last few years we have witnessed a marked decline in the quality of many of the largest brands. We believe this is due not only to the high price of raw materials but also, let’s face it, greed within the corporate sector of our industry.

Everyone knows that food prices are high – that’s understandable in the current climate. What isn’t understandable, or acceptable, is to try and sell something of inferior quality while still marketing it as the same as before.

As one of the UK’s leading pet food retailers I have worked for or with all the largest brands of pet food in the UK for over 30 years. That means I have a very clear idea as to how good their foods were before they were taken over by larger corporations.

So, for more than five years we have been asking questions of our suppliers. We haven’t as yet been happy with their answers.  We’ve also spent hundreds of hours researching what goes into our pets’ food, the processes involved and the alternatives available. Add in endless conversations with other like-minded pet professionals and I knew our whole company had to make a complete change in everything we were selling and recommending!

A natural progression

Put simply we now believe feeding our pets as biologically appropriately as possible and including great variety has to be better for them.  Why not feed a really good balanced diet of different foods and textures and protein sources? What could be wrong with feeding a great raw meal in the morning and a high meat content kibble in the evening? Or how about a lovely tin of real meat and vegetables the next day or as we do our fabulous cold pressed food Gentle with Natures Menu Country Hunter raw complete.

Surely the most important thing is to use the best and most natural foods available while avoiding anything that contains artificial preservatives, colourants, meat or vegetable derivatives or excessive cheap fillers and grains.

That way you can avoid the dental problems, skin conditions, obesity, gastro intestinal issues and general lack of wellbeing that vets and other professionals are seeing daily.

The best range of natural pet foods in the UK

We now have the most comprehensive selection of the very best raw, organic, grain free, air-dried, cold pressed and natural canned pet foods in the UK. All of which we know are healthy and made by independent companies with love for pets at the heart of their businesses.

This is what we believe makes a really great pet store and why we have so much fun running our business and helping our customers and their pets.

Michelle and I feed our own dogs a varied diet of complete frozen food with raw complete & supplements from Diet Dog UK. We also give bones but would not hesitate to use many of the other great natural foods we have at Scampers. Like us Rooster & Sardine love to have something different and, because they get variety, these changes very rarely upset them as their digestive systems are now functioning normally, occasionally a loose poo might appear but this is quite happens to all of us sometimes!

Of course the big corporate pet food suppliers just cannot make any money if we all choose to feed our pets this way. How could they possibly convince giant grocery retailers and pet supermarkets to stock it?

How would these mass-market retailers be able to explain to their customers how to feed these types of foods? How could the giant manufacturer possibly continue to grow?

The answer is they couldn’t.

So, are they thinking about what is best for our pets or what is best for their shareholders?

Amazing results

Our own dogs look incredibly healthy, and customers who have changed diets and feeding regimes like us have seen the same fantastic changes in their own pets. No bad breath or body odours, healthier stools, great weight control and even much calmer behaviour. And what's more they all love their new foods.

The whole Scampers team have been working incredibly hard to bring you the healthiest in natural pet food and pet treats. Every one of our passionate pet care advisors is involved at every level of what we are trying to do.

They too believe just as deeply as Michelle and I that we had to change who we were working with. They, like us, are delighted to share with you their own experiences of feeding their pets a natural and very varied diet.

Now, what’s for dinner?

Scampers Natural Pet Store is easy to find.  We are located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.