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True Instinct Dog and Cat Food

True Instinct Dog and Cat Food

Raw feeding has proven to show numerous health benefits for so many of our customers and their pets; but we understand the convenience aspect of dry food can be more appealing for certain pet owners, until now.

Natures Menu, the UK’s number one and Europe’s leading expert in raw complete dog and cat food, has just announced the arrival of a new and exciting range of foods for our dogs and cats, True Instinct, which was launched first in the UK at Scampers on January 31st 2018!

With True Instinct and Freeze Dried Raw Boost in particular, they have created the ultimate high-meat protein product with the power and taste of raw in every bite and we truly believe it will revolutionise the way people feed their pets in the future.

True Instinct specialises in a complete and balanced range of grain and gluten free, natural raw and raw-inspired products. Its brand new range will offer highly nutritional, complete & balanced frozen raw, innovative freeze-dried raw and high meat fillets for both cats and dogs.

True Instinct will offer every meal across the formats in a variety of premium quality deboned meats, with vegetables, high quality botanicals and superfoods and no artificial colours flavours or preservatives.

Full details available in store by our Raw Expert team...come and speak to a Scampers Pet Care Advisor

Raw Boost Varieties, Freeze Dried Treat Varieties, High Meat Varieties and Raw Bites, all available for dogs and cats at Scampers Natural Pet Store from January 31st 2018..

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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