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Treats and Rewards

Treats and Rewards

Because they’re worth it

We all love to give our dogs a treat. Whether it’s a reward for good behaviour or for learning a new trick. We may use treats to help keep their teeth clean or simply as something to chew on. More often than not it’s just because we love them!

Too much of a good thing

Obesity and dental problems in dogs are very often the result of over treating or rewarding with poor quality big name treats. For instance almost every overweight dog we see going in to our veterinary practice is fed Pedigree Dentastix on a very regular basis, another reason we refuse to sell ANY Pedigree treats.

Sugary, poor quality, cereal based treats and biscuits are a major issue for canine health. These treats are packaged to look like doggy sweets and sold by big companies in supermarkets and pet shop chains. We all know we shouldn’t give children snacks full of colourants, preservatives, by products, derivatives, food waste, salt and sugar - so why give them to our dogs?

Natural rewards

Scampers’ range of healthy, natural options for every day treating, training rewards and dental workouts is the best you’ll find in any pet shop. Giving snacks and treats in moderation is part of the loving relationship you have with your dogs. But they should be natural with easy to understand ingredients and given as part of the whole feeding regime.

Scampers natural snacks and treats

Our own dogs Rooster and Sardine absolutely love healthy, natural treats, which you can use as part of a natural regime of feeding.

No derivatives, preservatives, colourants, sugar or salt to make them look or taste artificially good… just real meat!

With the largest range of quality, natural treats in the UK we’re sure you’ll find a favourite for your dog. Here are some of the top brands available in store: meat & trEAT, Tribal Treats, Gentle Dental Bones, Orijen Freeze Dried, Country Hunter Freeze Dried, Nature's Menu raw meaty bones, Feelwells,PetsUp, Barker & Barker, Anco, Pet Bakery, Betty Miller, Hollings, Soopa, Dr.Chew, Thrive, Frozzys, Billy+Margot, Yakers and many, many more!

Which one would your dog choose?

“Our dogs have FINALLY started returning to us on command because they know there’s one of those fish treats as a reward – makes walks much easier!” Dandy & Duffy’s owner

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.