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Thrive ProReward Dog Treats

Thrive ProReward Dog Treats

Thrive believe that you (and your pet) are what you eat.  Thrive believe in doing their upmost to create treats with absolutely the best ingredients possible and to make them pleasant and convenient for you to use.

Thrive believe in trying out their foods and treats on their own pets first. Thrive are committed pet owners, and wouldn’t dream of giving their pets, or yours, anything that wasn’t wholesome and yummy.

All we ask is that you just look at the ingredients of the new Thrive treats and compare them to other treats you may have seen on TV or the supermarket and all will become crystal clear.

Thrive ProReward treats have an intense flavour which helps your dog to focus on you. Thrive ProReward treats are available in three yummy flavours.

100% Liver.  The most palatable treat on the planet: Freeze dried liver, as used by trainers, has the most powerful flavour which creates a real focus for dogs.

100% Chicken.  Deliciously chewy and naturally low in fat; air dried chicken breast.

100% Duck.  Real air dried duck breast is ideal for dogs sensitive to certain foods.

Pop into Scampers to see the full range of our new Thrive dog treats.

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