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Thrive, 100% Natural Cat Treats

Thrive, 100% Natural Cat Treats

The Thrive Philosophy.  "We believe that you (and your pet) are what you eat.  We believe in doing our utmost to create foods and treats with absolutely the best ingredients possible and to make them pleasant and convenient for you to use.  We believe in trying out our foods and treats on our own pets first.  We are committed pet owners, and wouldn’t dream of giving our animals anything that wasn’t wholesome and yummy.”

100% Real, 0% Nonsense Freeze Dried Cat Treats.  We love the reaction we get from our cats when we give them thrive treats.

• No fillers
• Nothing artificial
• No sugars or added fats
• Naturally low carb treats
• Cat Proof Tubes
• Six 100% Varieties to choose from

When you look at the ingredients, most cat treats are anything but a treat. Thrive treats are 100% Pure.

Most cat treats are made with cereals and fillers which then have flavours, sugars and fats added to make them palatable to cats, some don't contain any real meat at all.

Our cats love Thrive treats because they are real pieces of meat and fish. Thrive treats are not made with derivatives or other rubbish, nothing sugary or fattening.

There are 6 lovely varieties of Thrive Cat Treats supplied in ‘cat proof’ tubes.

If your cats love our new Thrive 100% Real Cat Treats, then then are going to go bonkers for the 100% Complete Thrive tinned food, available in 100% Chicken & 100% Tuna.

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