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The Truth about Your Dog's Food - Channel 5

The Truth about Your Dog's Food - Channel 5

Was it The Truth?
Well, after all the hullabaloo, I’m not sure the Channel 5 documentary really gave anyone The Truth About Your Dogs Food. But what the documentary did do is show just how many differing ideas there are about how to feed our pets and it certainly created plenty of conversation in store at Scampers!

We have had visitors from all over the country since the programme was aired and all have gone away with a much clearer understanding of pet food and hopefully great independent pet stores will all have benefited from the interest created by the film.

Unfortunately TV being TV the programme, in our opinion, spent too long showing some rather extreme ideas and ended up confusing people even more than they were before the programme!

We of course would never recommend vegetarian or vegan food for your best friends nor do we subscribe to some of the more outrageous views of some of the other contributors regarding pet food in general. It was also disappointing to hear some pretty uninformed comments trying to scare owners into using their particular brand of dog food. That being said there were some really good points made about processing, dodgy ingredients and nasty preservatives! The sort of thing we have been talking about for years and fantastic that this subject made it to the national press and media.

Here at Scampers we have a much more open minded view about how to keep our dogs and cats healthier through diet and we do not believe that any one food or food type is necessarily the best for every animal or every owners needs, budget or choice.

In fact all of us here now feed a variety to our dogs and cats and they look great and feel great and why not? Don’t we enjoy variety in our diets…I for one would hate to have even my favourite food every day, for the whole of my life!

Our goal is to give the real truth about pet foods to our customers which we believe is so important to enable you to make an informed choice about what to feed your pets and why. We now have probably the widest and best range of natural pet food options available in the UK and we can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one including; what is in them, where they are made, how they are made, who makes them and why we have chosen to stock them.

We will also explain why you will not find pet foods from Nestle Purina, Mars, Hills or Proctor and Gamble!

No pet store can carry every brand of pet food but we have a natural range that covers every type of process and every type of ingredient ..other than VEGAN!

So if you have any questions regarding the programme or would like further information on any pet foods or you would just like a sample please ask myself or any of the Scampers Pet Care Advisors…it’s our job and we love it!

Late last year we were asked to contribute to a documentary asking "The truth about your dogs food". We filmed for several hours and gave a frank and open interview about what we think about the dog food industry and what we think are the best ideas for feeding dogs.

The programme should give a great overview of this very hot topic as people like us and yourselves look for the very best and healthiest way to feed our best friends

"Dogs are man’s best friend who we shower with care, love, affection and gifts, but how much of what we put into our pooch’s food is actually good for them

What if through the attention we put into our canine’s culinary delights we are actually making some massive mistakes? Channel 5 has commissioned The Truth about Your Dog's Food from Doghouse Media to take a look at what goes into dog food, the different methods of feeding dogs, plus the competing approaches for how best to feed them. In an industry worth billions of pounds every year, there’s a huge market for all kinds of dog foods

Be it commercial, vegetarian, raw meat or home-cooked meals, the British public continue to spend vast sums of their cash on their favourite pets, even in times of recession. Clearly, it’s in the dog food industry’s best interests to offer as much choice to the consumer as possible, but what is the BEST food to feed our pets

With the rise of reported chronic health issues amongst dogs, along with the incontrovertible rise of obesity amongst our favourite pets, the next nutritional battle ground to be fought in the UK is over dog food

An increasing number of dog owners in the UK are beginning to question and challenge the major dog food manufacturers and are going it alone when it comes to their precious pooches diets

Feelings run high when it comes to man’s best friend, with ethical and political tensions reaching boiling point amongst alternative suppliers, plus accusations of health issues surrounding certain food types

The Truth About Your Dog's Food navigates a course through all the various camps. Whether it be feeding your dog scrambled egg with a diamanté encrusted fork; or hearing it crack and crunch the tendons of a raw chicken wing; whether your dog is vegan, vegetarian or pescatorian or whether kibble and wet tinned food totally suffices – this documentary is both a profile, and a user’s guide; steering dog loving viewers through the many varied worlds and opinions around feeding our beloved pooch.

Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor: Factual for Channel 5 stated: “We’re mad about dogs in the UK. Now we’re revealing some home truths about the dog food industry, and some more radical approaches from owners. Do we really know what we’re feeding our prized pets?”