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The perfect brachycephalic feeding bowl

The perfect brachycephalic feeding bowl

When it comes to meal times with your Brachyepalic breeds, think about how difficult it may be for them to eat out of a normal food bowl.

Our new Great & Small sloped bowl is an ergonomically correct pet bowl allowing your pet to feed at a 45°angle rather than a 90° downwards.

This clever designed bowl helps to reduce mess, gas, bloating and food in those gorgeous flat faces we all love! The Great and Small sloped bowl has been designed with a ridge into the back of the bowl allowing your pet to push food up, creating smaller amounts to feed from. 

Perfectly designed with flat faced Brachycephalic breeds in mind, (Pugs, Frenchies, Shih Tzus, Bulldogs etc) the sloped bowl allows feeding with far less digestive issues and far easier for them to eat at a 45 degree angle.

Tried and Tested by Rooster, our Frenchie! 

5star reveiws.

“For a couple of years now i've had endless troubles with my Frenchie and his gulping and regurgitating!  It wasn't until someone at my local store showed me this bowl and first time trying it it works!!  My dog can actually breathe now whilst eating! “

“OMG thank you sooooo much Michelle this is brilliant. She ate so much better from this without any help from me. No more me having to keep scooping the food round the outside of the bowl back into the middle for her”

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