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Give a dog a TastyBone… the flavour just goes on and on and on...  

With an array of sizes, shapes and interesting flavours, TastyBone is a breed apart from other dog chews and toys. TastyBone make products that you and your customers will love, guaranteeing their customers uncompromising standards of quality and continuous product development.

Proudly made in the UK and sold in 21 countries, TastyBone only uses human grade flavours, there is no animal content, no salt, no sugar, no additive and no preservatives. It is also zero calories and non-biodegradable! 

TastyBone has been tested on the most vigorous of chewers.  With every bite, your dog’s gums and teeth become stronger and healthier, and you can also say bye to ‘dog breath’ as all TastyBones are designed to improve and maintain good oral hygiene and gently reduce plaque and tartar build-up. It is also perfectly safe to ingest should any small rice sized pieces naturally break away.  

The Range

TastyBone offers six different ranges: Nylon chews, Gourmet Edible, Dental chews, Flexible chews, Mighty rubber toys and Tasty Tug toys. TastyBone also offers a number of different varieties including; twin packs, multipacks and a specifically designed puppy pack. 

Nylon Chews

TastyBone nylon range is made from tough durable 100% VIRGIN nylon with natural flavours added during the manufacturing process and not just sprayed on like alternative products, meaning the flavour will last for the life of the bone. With a range of irresistible flavours, shapes and sizes the nylon bone will satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.  


The Gourmet range of edible bones is their most delicious bones yet. Designed to meet all your dog’s chewing needs, the Gourmet bone is a healthy and tasty alternative to your furniture. Guaranteed to be incredibly yummy and have a lasting flavour for the life of the bone.


The dental range is designed to improve your dog’s oral health and prevent the onset of gum disease. The Dental Bone’s unique ridge and grooves massage gums and reduces plaque and tartar build up. Available in a variety of minty flavours! 

Flexible Bones

Our Flexi products are TastyBones softest and lightest range, ideal for teething puppies, young, senior and soft chewing dogs, and available in chicken flavour. More flavours coming soon! 

Tasty Tug

Tasty Tugs are an interactive toy designed for playful dogs, making play time twice the fun.  The bouncy, durable ball, bone or ring is perfect for throw and retrieve games, whilst the strong rope allows your dog to act on their natural instinct to tug.

TastyBones are available in Toy, Small, Large and Mega sizes. One size does not fit all so always go large and pick the appropriate size when choosing your TastyBone.

Look out in store for new shapes, sizes and flavours!  

“Rooster and Sardine got their first TastyBone for Christmas and loved them, one of their favourite toys to root around and find in the toy box.”

At Scampers, we always advise our customers that if a toy or chew becomes too small or damaged and pieces are smaller than your dog’s mouth that may present a choking hazard, you throw away and replace.  As with all toys and chews, supervision is recommended.

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