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TarHong Cat Saucers

TarHong Cat Saucers

There are so many cat bowls to choose from these days, the question that you need to ask yourself is 'which cat bowl will suit my cat best ' .

The TarHong Cat Saucers looks and feels like ceramic without the weight and breakability. Functional for everyday and indoor/outdoor use. 3D technology. 100% BPA Free. Glazed finishes with hand painted looks coated in food safe LG coating.  Available in three fun designs.

  • 100% BPA Free
  • Bamboo fiber melamine
  • Food and dishwasher safe
  • Resists breakage, scratching, and chipping

When choosing your cat’s bowls, it’s important to consider their needs; not just choosing a pretty colour or design because you like it.  Cats are very particular when it comes to controlling their surroundings.  Don’t place your cat’s bowl in a busy area, it needs to be somewhere where they feel safe and secure.  NEVER place your cat’s bowl near their litter box.

Always choose a shallow sided bowl or saucer, high sided bowls are uncomfortable for cats as their whiskers have to bend to fit the bowl.  The short faced breeds in particular find this very annoying.

Cats prefer separate bowls to twin bowls, cats don’t like to have their water next to their food bowls and their water could become contaminated.

Stainless steel, ceramic or melamine dishes are the best options when buying your cat a new bowl.  Plastic bowls can retain odours and  tend to scratch and crack, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs that are harmful to your cat.  If you see any scratches or wear in your cat’s bowl, it should be replaced.

If you have multiple cats, always ensure each cat has their own feeding bowl and in separate locations. 

All bowls - of any material - should be washed daily.

We have a great selection of bowls and saucers in store for your fussy felines, pop in and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect one for you and YOUR cat.

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