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SuperNature Pet Super Tummy for Dogs

SuperNature Pet Super Tummy for Dogs

SuperTummy Super Food Booster for Dogs – a healthy tummy is just a shake away. 

Super Tummy is designed to help reduce digestive stress, powered by MaxiCell to help improve intestinal health and digestive function. 100% Natural Organic Chicken powder blended with Slippery Elm, Coconut, MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex, Marshmallow Root & Flaxseed.

Just shake and sprinkle onto your dog’s normal meals!  Suitable if you feed raw, kibble or tinned meat.

MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex provides essential elements for strong intestinal cells and gut flora. MaxiCell can increase nutrient uptake by up to 20% to maximize the benefit of the functional ingredients in this topper as well as the goodness in your dog’s normal food.

  • Organic Chicken
  • Organic Coconut
  • Organic Inulin
  • Slippery Elm
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Flaxseed
  • Maxicell

A healthy and diverse population of beneficial bacteria in your pet's intestine can impact everything from nutrient absorption and digestion to metabolic & immune function. Healthy pets need healthy guts! 

SuperNature Pet’s range of tasty food boosters are all powered by MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex - a unique and natural blend of pure nucleotides, prebiotic and essential micronutrients to feed your pet's healthy gut.  

  • Tops up essential components for healthy cells & beneficial bacteria 
  • Prebiotic provides good food for healthy gut flora 
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut wall & nutrient absorption 
  • Gut ready formula is not lost during digestion 
  • Adds a variety of ingredients to support a diverse gut flora 
  • 100% Natural & super tasty 
  • Formulated & made in the UK 

We believe that MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex is so important to our pet’s health and longevity it should be an essential part of every diet. 

Easy to use shaker pack, lasts a 30kg dog approx. 30 days.

Pop into Scampers to see the full range of SuperNature Pet.  Available for both dogs and cats.

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