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Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital

Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital

The British Hedgehog is at crisis point.  THOUSANDS of famished babies, injured or sick hedgehogs are overloading animal rescue centres.

We were lucky enough recently to meet a lovely lady called Sue.  Sue, along with her 'normal' job spends pretty much all her spare time looking after hundreds of hedgehogs in the hospital she set up some 10 years ago, Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital.

Initially Sue built a small hospital in her garden, which housed around 10 hogs.  At the time she was extending her tiny cottage. It was total chaos, she told us there were builders and hogs everywhere, together with the odd owl, squirrel, ducks, etc.  She told us that the hogs just kept on coming as vets, RSPCA and the public, word got out quickly what she was doing. 

She was eventually, thanks to a kind neighbour, able to buy a small piece of land that backed on to her garden.  Sue went to work building a new and bigger hospital and landscaped the area entirely with recuperating hogs in mind.

As fast as Sue releases hogs, more come in. They sadly come in all sorts of conditions from day olds who have lost mum to adults with limbs hanging off (often due to gardening injuries, strimmer’s etc).  Sue, from the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, has only one aim; to release all the hogs back into the wild into as safe environment as possible.

When we heard her story, and the fact that she has had over 200 hedgehogs this year alone, we knew we wanted to help her bring awareness to the crisis facing our beautiful British Hedgehog. If you think you could help, Sue is always looking for off-site careers and volunteers (telephone 07702 211302) to help in the hospital and maybe even offer a good safe release garden.  

Scampers have a dedicated ‘hedgehog’ food bin now in store for the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, if you would like to donate, I know hundreds of hedgehogs who would be so very grateful, as would Sue. We are also delighted to say that Scampers have manage to find the hospital a sponsor, our friends from Spike's Wildlife Foods, the UK’s number one hedgehog food who will also help her with feeding all the injured, sick and starving hedgehogs.

Sue was so thrilled she named her latest two babies after us both, Scamper (the picture above) and Spike.