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Slow Down Dog Bowl

Slow Down Dog Bowl

Is Your Dog Eating Too Fast?

Slow your dog down when eating, it’s healthier and safer for them.

Slow Down dog bowls are designed to slow your dog from gulping their food down. The obstructions in the bowl makes dogs slow down when they eat.  Our dearly departedold  dog Norman used to inhale his food, with the Slow Down bowl, his eating time increased by about 40%, much healthier for him as Beaucerons are a deep chested breed.

Available now at Scampers. 

  • Veterinarian tested and recommended
  • Works with dry or wet food
  • Elegant, no-tip shape and non slip
  • Durable, dishwasher safe melamine

Common Problems When Dogs Eat Too Fast.


An extremely serious condition, and should be considered a life-threatening emergency when it occurs. Dogs can die of bloat/gastric torsion within several hours, even with treatment, as many as 25-33% of dogs with gastric torsion/bloat die.

In bloat, the stomach fills up with air and puts pressure on the other organs and diaphragm. This makes it difficult for the dog to breathe, and compresses large veins in the abdomen, thus preventing blood from returning to the heart. Filled with air, the stomach can easily rotate on itself, thus pinching off the blood supply.

Once this rotation (volvulus) occurs and the blood supply is cut off, the stomach begins to die and the entire blood supply is disrupted and the animal's condition begins to deteriorate very rapidly. The most obvious signs are abdominal distension (swollen belly) and non-productive vomiting (animal appears to be vomiting, but nothing comes up) and retching. Other signs include restlessness, abdominal pain, and rapid shallow breathing.

Coprophagia (eating own faeces)

Fast eating can also lead to indigestion and poor assimilation of food which in turn results in poor nutrient absorption. Instinctively, dogs may then try to reprocess it by eating up his nutrient rich faeces, a condition known as Coprophagia. This is not just a nasty habit; it is a cry for health. The dog needs to eat his semi-digested faeces to enable him to absorb the nutrients his body needs.  The dog may also choke and vomit as a result of poor digestion and then try to eat his vomit again, for the same reason as the above.


Slower eating makes your dog feel full faster. Overweight dogs usually eat too fast. Vomiting and Regurgitating Dogs that eat too fast may regurgitate as a result. By slowing down the dog’s eating process to a healthy and moderate pace, this problem can be eradicated.

Please ask in store about Gentle. Gentle is an ideal food to help prevent bloat and is great when used in a slow down dog bowl.

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