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Senses 2.0 Dome Ball

Senses 2.0 Dome Ball

Catit has a mission to improve the quality of cat care around the world.  Catit Senses 2.0 toys are carefully designed to motivate and amuse cats of all ages.

The Senses 2.0 Ball Dome is an automated cat toy that stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

It’s a perfect toy for keeping them active and entertained when you’re not at home!

Two play modes

The Senses 2.0 Ball Dome cat toy has two playing modes: Sensor and Continuous

Sensor mode.  In Sensor mode, the toy is activated by a motion sensor. As your cat approaches the Ball Dome, it will send the ball rolling, encouraging your cat to play!

Continuous mode.  In Continuous mode, the toy is powered on until it is switched off.

100% paw-safe.  

The inner swivelling plate sends the ball rolling for your cat to swat at through the openings in the dome cover. The toy is made of BPA-free materials and completely paw-safe.

Combine with our other Senses 2.0 products in store, specifically designed to be mixed and matched.  Change your cat’s play environment frequently to keep them interested and entertained.

Pop into Scampers to see our full range of Catit 2.00 Senses, let your cat have some fun and adventure.

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