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Using the science of Neurocuisine Sense6 have formulated one of the most palatable cat foods ever created. 

Did you know your cat has a real sixth sense which is powered by their Jacobson’s Organ - a powerful collection of sensory cells used by cats to sense pheromones, food and prey in their environment?

After a lot of hard work and research Sense6 cat food was made.

Touch – Perfect Texture
The perfect crunch and consistency keeps your cats happy and their teeth healthy.

Taste – Irresistible Flavour
Using Feline Neurocuisine principles, Sense6 has expertly combined flavours that even the fussiest cats can’t resist.

Sight – Visually Appealing
Sense6 kibble is specifically designed to look attractive to our cat for optimum palatability.

Sound – Pitch Perfect
Cats rely on sound when detecting prey and that’s no different when they hear you pouring their new favourite food.

Smell – Satisfying Scent
Cats have scent receptors 40x stronger tan our own, so Sense6 have used specialised preservative to keep their food smelling fresh.

Balanced Ingredients.  Your cat is an obligate carnivore and needs optimum protein sources to fulfil its dietary needs. Sense6 blend of highly digestible meat and vegetable proteins combine to give a full amino acid profile which will keep your cat at peak condition.

Complete Nutrition.  Using the latest advances in feline dietary science, Sense6 offers cats full body nourishment. Cleaner teeth, a glossy coat and good joint health are just a few of the benefits of our balanced, nutritional kibble.

Palatability Guaranteed.  Sense6 are so confident in the power of Feline Neurocuisine™ that they offer a full refund to anyone whose cat doesn’t love it.

  • Sense6 Adult Cat Fit & Healthy (made with chicken)
  • Sense6 Adult Cat Sensitive (made with turkey)
  • Sense6 Adult Cat Oral Care (made with chicken)
  • Sense6 Adult Cat Senior Light (made with chicken)

When introducing your cat to Sense6.  At first Sense6 should be mixed with your cat’s current food, then gradually increase the ratio over the course of a week. Start day 1 at 25% of Sense6 and increase gradually until at day 7 you are feeding 100% Sense6.

Feed your cat's senses and watch them thrive.

Pop along and speak to a Scampers Pet Care Advisor who will help guide you to a new healthier diet for your cats.

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