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Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care for Dogs

Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care for Dogs

Seahorse Atlantic evolved from three passions: animals, the ocean and seaweed nourishment. With these passions in mind, Seahorse Atlantic believe that all three have  led them on an amazing journey to develop Kelp Care – specific species of naturally grown Kelp (seaweed) tailored to the health and nutrition of animals. 

Seahorse Atlantic use a variety of seaweed species that can be traced back to where it was grown in pristine marine environments and they ensure that only the highest quality is blended into their Kelp Care formula.

Seahorse Atlantic products separate them from the rest by providing a natural product with a difference – veterinary trialled and tested with proven results and a scientific background to support their claims.

Seahorse Atlantic guarantees you’ll see the results from happier and more vibrant pets.

Benefits of Kelp Care

  • Promotes hair growth/pigmentation
  • Veterinary recommended and trialled
  •  Aids digestion, source of fibre (pre-biotic)
  •  Boosts Immune system
  •  Supports healthy joints and limbs, aids with arthritis or stiff, older dogs
  •  Amino acids – Taurine & Arginine for healthy eyes and healthy heart
  •  Promotes healthy skin, reduces dryness and itchiness

When we were sent a trial pack, Piers accidently left an open bag on his desk.  Piers walked back into his office to find Norman (our Beauceron) helping himself to the open bag of Kelp Care, he absolutely loved it.  Jackie, one of our Pet Care Advisors, had a very similar experience with her three cats at home, they went bonkers for it.


“Tyson looked terrible a few months ago his coat was dull and massive hair loss it broke our hearts to see him constantly scratching himself all the time to the point where he bled, spent a small fortune on vets  all recommending steroids and meds plus very expensive shampoo,  and kelp  has changed his life he is back to himself full of energy.  Tyson is an amazing little dog looks fantastic. Its amazing after all the vets trips, money and heartache that kelp was the answer. Thanks Seahorse Atlantic.”

“I’ve a Chihuahua cross and for years and years she has been suffering from allergies. I started her on Atopica and a dose of steroids around March last year which worked great but the minute I’d wean her off the steroids her itching would flare up. About 3 weeks ago I decided to try the Kelp and OH MY GOD!!! The results are amazing I’ve taken her totally off her meds for Atopica and she hasn’t pulled 1 strand of hair out and she’s back to her old self playing and loving her walks. Your product is a miracle and really appreciated. Thanks so much.”  

Why not pop into Scampers and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors about starting your dog on Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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