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Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Pet Bed

Scruffs Hilton Orthopaedic Pet Bed

It breaks our hearts to watch our beloved dogs age.  Finding the best dog bed for our old friends needs consideration for some special issues that arise in relation to the older dog, which as we know worsen by sleeping on hard floors or even an unsuitable dog bed.

We were so pleased when we found a great orthopaedic bed for "Norman" our ten year old Beauceron (who has so sadly passed away now) when he started to feel his age.

Hilton orthopaedic pet beds are designed predominantly for larger breeds or pets that require more support for their joints, back or body. The beds are filled with crumb memory foam, these dense particles mold to the shape of the pet to achieve the ultimate level of support.

The cover features a hard-wearing faux hessian chenille top fabric with faux leather side walls, these are trimmed with a contrasting piping and embroidered logos. An inner water resistant liner helps protect the beds memory fill against the ingress of water and odour.

The Hilton orthopaedic pet bed’s outer cover can be removed for machine washing and has a non-slip base.

These beds are available in two sizes:

  • 100x70x6cm with a memory crumb fill weighing 5.5kg
  • 120x75x8cm with a memory crumb fill weighing 8.2kg

We definitely noticed that big "Norm" was sleeping more comfortably his last few years.  It was still going strong when he passed over the rainbow bridge and was gifted to a rescue centre.

Also available in the orthopedic range is the new ArmourDillo pet bed, super tough and super strong.

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