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Relaxopet PRO for Cats

Relaxopet PRO for Cats

Many cat owners know the problem that their faithful companion, despite good education and training in stressful situations is simply overwhelmed and shows unwanted behavioural problems.

RelaxoPet cat relaxation trainer PRO has recognized this problem and, with its specially developed, subliminal (subliminal, frequency oscillations and tone sequences), successfully helps to avoid these stressors, whether in your own home or in non-animal environments, because RelaxoPet Animal relaxation trainer PRO works completely independently of a power outlet thanks to the powerful lithium battery.

The RelaxoPet PRO cat relaxation trainer normally works within 5-7 days. Depending on the stress level of your cat, acclimatising to the RelaxoPet PRO may take a little longer.

Relaxopet PRO version allows you to choose whether the edition should be done with or without additional relaxation music, a simple switching is enough and already works RelaxoPet PRO for human hearing silently

Relaxopet Pro will help your cat in many stressful situations:

  • Marking
  • Fire works
  • Thunderstorms
  • Travel
  • Vet visit
  • Unwanted scratching
  • New home
  • Ranking disorders

NOISE-MOTION.  The new, innovative NOISE-MOTION system in the PRO version automatically monitors the ambient volume in the absence of the pet owner using integrated DUAL microphones, and when stressors are detected, RelaxoPet Pro switches on for 30 minutes. Once the animal has calmed down again, RelaxoPet PRO goes back into monitoring and standby mode.

As a pet owner, you can be completely safe and worry-free. RelaxoPet PRO monitors your pet in your absence.

PRO-TIMER.  The new PRO timer in the RelaxoPet PRO is now adjustable. You can choose between two sounding cycles, runtime 4 hours or permanent sound.  This allows the ambitious pet owner to choose the sound times as needed.

Charging RelaxoPet PRO is also super-easy, with its Micro USB charging cable. Charged once for 40 minutes, RelaxoPet PRO works for over 1,000 minutes in the normal relaxing mode.

LED indicator system.  The new LED indicator system shows you at first glance all the settings of your RelaxoPet PRO. The new LED battery indicator also flashes red and indicates in good time that the device must be charged.

With the RelaxoPet PRO sound module, the owner can choose whether to do this with or without additional relaxation music. Simply switch over and RelaxoPet PRO works almost silently for human hearing.

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