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Raw Talk - Healthfood not Junkfood

Raw Talk - Healthfood not Junkfood
Convenience or care, junkfood or healthfoods – it’s your choice!

For years we have been told what we must feed our beloved pets and that we must not question the pet food giants about nutrition as they prepared the most convenient diet possible for us to feed day in day out.   “It must be complete” they say or else “it’s complementary” , “it is a science” or “it’s super premium” the packaging tells me and the retailer doesn’t seem to be able to explain to me what meat meal actually is or what the actual real meat content is in the food I look at.

I’m so confused, should I care?

Well I do care and I know my dogs are looking tired, have itchy skin, seem to struggle with slow bowel movements and are generally in poor condition.  I know this because I have owned dogs for years, reared dogs for years and looked after more dogs in my lifetime than I care to remember. I know this because I care for dogs. Is diet the problem I ask myself?

Well I know that if I have a good diet that I feel good and I’m told every day that a varied fresh food diet will keep me in tip top condition and I have heard from dog friends about feeding fresh meat, ground vegetables, fruits, nuts, potatoes and rice...

Is it time to change?

Until 50 years ago a dogs diet in the breeding world would have been home made in the kennel kitchen preparing good quality meats and bones from the local butcher, with pasta or other foods made by the professional breeder and kennel staff who loved dogs and would become breeders of the future. Then we progressed to being told that we should feed cans of meaty chunks with lots of gravy or jelly in the 70’s.

In the 90’s we were introduced to complete dry foods that would mean no kennel staff in the kitchen and complete convenience to feed at home.

Today we hear about people with health issues and behaviour issues. A growing group of people feeding BARF are going back to nature as thousands of dog owners want to know what they feed to their pets. They want to understand that they are feeding real foods and also understand that junk foods are not healthy foods and even the world’s biggest fast food outlets now sell raw carrots and fruits.

“Feeding dogs isn’t a science and professional dog people know this.
Today there are professional, convenient raw meals prepared by raw food specialists investing in raw nutrition as a natural alternative to prepared junkfood.”

Natures Menu - Complete Raw Meals – Veterinary Approved BARF Diets. Nutritionally balanced complete meals, just thaw & serve.

• Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
• Nutritionally complete meals
• Raw is naturally the BEST!
• Only made with premium meat
• No nasty stuff in here
• Healthfood NOT junkfood
• The natural alternative to processed pet foods.
• Complete and easy to serve.
• Packed with nutrients to help itchy and flaky skin conditions.
• Great quality and Fantastic feeding value.

Offering the benefits of natural probiotics and natural antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6 from added salmon, chondroitin for strong bones and an abundance of raw vitamins and minerals.

Complete raw foods are nutritious and fantastic value. Nutritionally a raw unprocessed diet could be more economical than a processed pet food in many ways.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.

Raw Talk article courtesy of Natures Menu.