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Raw Talk - Have you heard about BARF?

Raw Talk - Have you heard about BARF?
It’s what everyone is talking about.

There’s lots of talk on social media sites and dog groups about a new way to feed your dog a B.A.R.F or biologically appropriate raw food diet.

Thousands of dog owners are reading internet sites, studying pet food labels and asking lots of questions about diet related skin allergies, bowel issues, weight management problems and lots more potential allergy issues that can seemingly be solved by carefully selecting a homemade B.A.R.F diet.  The wheel of life seems to turn full circle eventually and after decades of using convenience diets today’s busy and caring pet owners and professional dog breeders are returning to a traditional way of feeding a balanced diet of freshly prepared ingredients.

Just like many TV chefs who are advocates of homemade foods made from locally sourced quality ingredients, these caring pet owners have decided to care for their pets by looking closely at the ingredients on the pet food labels.

The result being that many pet owners are now choosing to either make a home made fresh food diet or select a prepared pet food which is clear about the quantity of each ingredient used and doesn’t use words like “meat and animal derivatives” to mask a recipe of who knows what!

A raw food diet is now easier to use and easier to understand and the original concept of feeding just raw meat or a “wild diet”, has progressed to professionally balanced and complete raw meals created by an increasing number of producers around the world.

Yes, fresh meat with ground bone is an essential protein source for dogs but mixing fresh meat with vegetables and easily digested carbohydrates creates a balanced meal that you would expect to see on your dinner plate.

It’s important to select the right ingredients and there are many professional suppliers who now provide either individual ingredients or prepared complete meals using the raw diet concept.

Everyone has an opinion about raw diets and our opinion is that it should be a varied diet that allows the pet and pet owner the choice to feed a variety of foods, tastes and textures to make sure the dog enjoys the food and the way it is fed. Dogs relish a mixed bowl of fresh meat, vegetable mulch and carbohydrate and sometimes topped off with a juicy chicken wing or bone.

Natures Menu - Complete Raw Meals – Veterinary Approved BARF Diets.  Nutritionally balanced complete meals, just thaw & serve

• Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
• Nutritionally complete meals
• Raw is naturally the BEST!
• Only made with premium meat
• No nasty stuff in here
• Healthfood NOT junkfood

Offering the benefits of natural probiotics and natural antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6 from added salmon, chondroitin for strong bones and an abundance of raw vitamins and minerals.

Complete raw foods are nutritious and fantastic value. Nutritionally a raw unprocessed diet could be more economical than a processed pet food in many ways.

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Raw Talk article courtesy of Natures Menu.