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Raw Talk - Great Digestion

Raw Talk - Great Digestion
RAW meals have lots of Great RAW Enzymes, that’s great digestion to you and me!

Imagine a diet so tailored to your own dog, you could ensure that each and every meal was exciting for them, relished and full of exactly the nutrients that your dog needs, every day.

These days, no two dogs are the same. They all have their own personalities and each have their own likes, dislikes and even well-being or genetic predispositions.

Some can’t get enough of chicken and carrots; others live for lamb and gravy! Some dogs will need more of the nutrients in chicken and carrots to ensure they stay the healthiest they could be, whereas others may need the nutrients of a different meat to stay in tip top condition.

But dog owners are conditioned to feed the same food day in day out thinking that change might cause an upset tummy and not exposing their beloved dog to the variety of raw proteins (meats to me and you!) that contain raw enzymes!

That’s where a good healthy tummy packed full of healthy enzymes aids digestion and makes food and variety fun for your dog. Just like you, your dog will thrive on variety. Gone are the days of boring meals day after day.

That’s where a complete raw diet can really make a difference because raw food is still in its pure natural unprocessed state. Your dogs unique body systems will be able to easily absorb the nutrients it needs and thrive on a healthy dose of raw enzymes which can so easily be lost in the commercially processed pet foods so commonly recommended today.

Without enzymes in your dogs food, nutrients will often pass right through your dog and not get absorbed. Simply in one end and out the other! The enzymes are like the catalysts for nutrients to join together and create life force in your dogs body. They are the sparks that ensures your dog can stay happy, healthy and full of the personality you first fell in love with.

Simply by ensuring your dogs complete dinner contains raw enzymes, you can relax in the knowledge that your dogs individual needs are being met and that the nutrients in your dogs dinner can be absorbed and utilised to provide health and vitality.

Why not make dinner time more interesting for your dog with a raw complete meal from Natures Menu.

Natures Menu - Complete Raw Meals – Veterinary Approved BARF Diets. Nutritionally balanced complete meals, just thaw & serve.

• Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
• Nutritionally complete meals
• Raw is naturally the BEST
• Only made with premium meat
• No nasty stuff in here
• Healthfood NOT junkfood
• The natural alternative to processed pet foods
• Complete and easy to serve
• Packed with nutrients to help itchy and flaky skin conditions
• Great quality and Fantastic feeding value

Offering the benefits of natural probiotics and natural antioxidants, Omega 3 & 6 from added salmon, chondroitin for strong bones and an abundance of raw vitamins and minerals.

Complete raw foods are nutritious and fantastic value. Nutritionally a raw unprocessed diet could be more economical than a processed pet food in many ways.

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Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.

Raw Talk article courtesy of Natures Menu.