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Great news for dogs who suffer from travel sickness, introducing QueezibicsDF.

Gone are the days when dog owners have had to struggle to get their dog to consume tablets before travelling now that QueezibicsDF (dog formula) are available.

QueezibicsDF are a very effective, specially formulated biscuit, which when given to your dog up to half an hour before the journey commences will ensure a problem free and pleasurable experience for all who are travelling.

QueezibicsDF are baked to perfection using only the finest Ingredients by one of the West Country's oldest bakers who have been producing delicious traditional biscuits for over 125 years.

Ginger is recommended by practically everyone responsible for the wellbeing of dogs before travelling but it must be administered in the right quantity which only QueezibicsDF contain..

Pure, natural and wheat free, QueezibicsDF biscuits stops travel sickness and settles their queasy stomachs.  Suitable for puppies and dogs of all sizes.

Tips when travelling with your dogs.

  • If possible, exercise your dog before you start your journey.
  • Bring your dog’s favourite blanket or toy.
  • Don’t let your dog hang its head out of the window.
  • If you are taking a long journey, stop every two hours so your dog can stretch its legs (and you) and relieve itself.
  • Don’t give your dog a meal before you travel and make sure that your dog has access to water.
  • Give your dog one or two Queezibics up to half an hour before your journey.

Happy & safe travels.

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