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PurrForm Raw Cat Food

PurrForm Raw Cat Food

Cats are amazing creatures, unique and interesting in almost every way imaginable.  Cats are obligate carnivores and their systems have evolved from thousands of years of eating a raw food diet in the wild. 

For more than a decade Scampers have been promoting raw complete pet food for dogs with enormous success and we have all seen the incredible health improvements in our own and our customers dogs.

But what about cats?  The team here believe that the best way to feed cats is also with a species specific raw complete cat food.  However, we have found that the trouble with cats is that they are much more difficult to switch them off the sugary low- grade supermarket pouches, cans and carbohydrate loaded dry foods than dogs.

Instinctively it is clear that raw protein rich, zero carbohydrate, wet diet has to better the long- term health of our cats.

Scampers believe we have now found a range of raw complete cat foods that ticks all the boxes in varieties, real human grade ingredients, conveniently packed, extremely palatable and produced by a great company that only makes cat food.

We are delighted to now offer Purrform at Scampers!

PurrForm, specialists in feline raw cat food and nutrition.
Here at PurrForm we feel that all our cat companions deserve a varied mixed diet of fresh ingredients that create healthy, happy pets and satisfied cat owners.

‘Our mission is to spread the word about natural complete raw feeding to all cat owners across the UK. We feel it is vital that you are provided with the key information you need to establish what to feed your pets’.

We believe that the benefits of a natural complete raw cat food meat and bone diet far outweighs those associated with cooked and dry food. It is now widely accepted by many animal and veterinary professionals around the world that a raw food diet can have many health benefits over processed food. Your cat is able to digest and utilise the ingredients in raw food as these replicates what it would eat in the wild.

Species Appropriate Diet

Cats are amazing creatures, unique and interesting in almost every way imaginable.

Cats are obligate carnivores and their systems have evolved from thousands of years of eating a raw food diet in the wild.

In their natural habitat, cats consume prey high in protein with moderate amounts of fat and minimal amounts of carbohydrate.

The natural diet of cats in the wild is a meat-based regimen e.g., rodents, birds, rabbits, lizards, insects etc… that contain little carbohydrate therefore cats are metabolically adapted to preferentially use protein and fat as energy sources.

From time to time, and as the mood takes them, they may nibble on herbs, grasses and even flowers. However, cats possess very few digestive enzymes for breaking down vegetable matter.

It is easy to understand why dogs and cats want the meat and marrow, but what makes the bone and organs so desirable? The answer is that they both contain a huge number of nutrients that are vital to their health. These include:

  • minerals such as calcium and phosphorous
  • protein containing essential amino acids, including lysine
  • essential fatty acids
  • fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E)
  • blood-forming nutrients (these are in the marrow), including copper and iron.

The effects of raw feeding can have many benefits such as happier and healthier longer living pets.

In conclusion…

It is perfectly natural and safe for cats to eat raw meat, bone and organs as they would with their prey.  They have been doing it for millions of years, after all.

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