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Pure Buffalo Horn Cores

Pure Buffalo Horn Cores

Your dogs are going to love the crunchy honeycombed bone center of the Pure Buffalo Horn Core dog chew.

Pure Buffalo Horn Core chews are a durable chew with a porous inside (the horns have been steamed), ensuring that your dogs won't have to work too hard to get to the interior. 

The water buffalo horn cores are similar to antlers with their abrasive texture that helps clean dogs' teeth; however, they aren't quite as hard, which make them a great choice for all dogs.  If you have an ‘aggressive’ chewer, this might not be the chew for them.

  • Cleans teeth and gums
  • Satisfies desire to chew
  • Great for young puppies who may be teething
  • Ideal for older dogs with more sensitive teeth and gums
  • Helps fight plaque and gum disease
  • High in calcium and phosphorus
  • 100% natural, no additive or preservaties

Your dogs will love the crunch and flavour of this unique treat. Pure Buffalo Horn Core chews come in two sizes, medium and large. However, as with all natural chews, the sizes will vary. Pure Buffalo Horns Core come from free-range, grass fed buffalo in India.

Always supervise your pets with any chew treat or toy.  When the treat becomes too small for your dog’s mouth, throw it away and pop in for a new one.

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