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+ProRemedy, perfect for upset tummies

+ProRemedy, perfect for upset tummies

+ProRemedy is a simple remedy recipe for dogs with upset tummies.  +ProRemedy is for those times when you have to give your dog just a simple plain meal.  Maybe your dog picked something up on the walk he shouldn’t have, or just a bit under the weather.  Your vet has told you to feed ‘something simple’ like plain chicken and rice.

Well  it could not be easier for you now we have +ProRemedy (as recommended by Vets).  Just add boiling water and wait 10 minutes for it to cool.  +ProRemedy is partly cooked white rice and pure chicken breast.  +ProRemedy does not contain any derivatives or nasty fillers.

One pack of +ProRemedy makes enough food to feed a 10Kg dog up to three days.  +ProRemedy can be kept in the cupboard so a meal of good quality chicken breast and whole white rice is always to hand should you need it.

If your dog persists in having an upset tummy for more than three days, please seek veterinary advice.

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