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ProDen PlaqueOff

ProDen PlaqueOff

Power from the Sea, natural oral care for your pets.

Whenever you read a headline about ‘power from the sea’ these days you immediately think of renewable sources of energy for heating the home or keeping the wheels of industry spinning. PlaqueOff, on the other hand, requires a different power from the sea, the power of seaweed! Of course, it isn’t about electricity, but about the power of simple natural materials to deliver health improvement, and in this case an improvement in cats’ and dogs’ oral hygiene.

Until recently, the oral hygiene of especially cats and dogs was not taken very seriously. Of course, it should have been, and many animals will suffer painful and distressing deterioration, just as we humans do, if care is not taken during their lifetime.

ProDen PlaqueOff Animal, to give the product its full name, is a fairly revolutionary product in the pet care industry. Oral care products offered for sale have been limited to special toothbrushes, pastes and gels – whose principal aim was the assist in the mechanical removal of the soft, cheesy bacterial plaque that accumulates on the tooth and adjacent gum margin. Plaque, as you probably know, contains the bugs responsible for common oral disease, and needs to be removed on a regular basis in order to prevent such diseases. When plaque is not removed, it can mineralise and harden into the very difficult to remove tartar.

How PlaqueOff differs, and this is important, is that daily supplementation in the animals food can lead to further improvements not just in reducing plaque in your pets, but also on the much harder and tenacious tartar (calculus). Tartar is a big problem in small animals as they will not cooperate with a Dental Hygienist! The only practical way to remove tartar in many small animals is under a general anaesthetic – a procedure that is not without its dangers, especially in older animals, and somewhat expensive. Better control of plaque and tartar should improve not only breath quality, but also the same and sadly common diseases that affect us: dental decay and gum disease.

How does it achieve its effect? The truthful answer is we’re not totally sure, but the patented technology was discovered by leading Swedish dentist Sune Wickner. The potential effectiveness of several seaweeds was screened before deciding on the species Ascophyllum nodosum, a species commercially grown in the ice-cold and clean waters of the Norwegian seas.  The seaweed is responsibly harvested in a way that ensures sustainability, and processed avoiding the use of any additives. Controlled blending of crops ensures quality, and after drying the seaweed is milled to a fine and consistent product. Research confirming its effectiveness when given as a food supplement has been conducted at Stockholm’s leading dental research organisation, the Karolinska Institute.

PlaqueOff is sold in pots containing either 60gm, 180gm or 420gms. Each pot includes a measuring scoop. It is so simple to give; dependent on the size of your pet, between a half and two level scoopfuls is simply added to their food each day. It doesn’t matter whether you feed dried, semi-moist or moist food, cats and dogs love the marine flavour!

Results are first seen after a few weeks use, but the breath smell appears to improve much quicker..PlaqueOff was awarded “Best Dog Health Product of 2007”, voted by readers of top dog title “Your Dog” and presented by Paul Ross at The Kennel Club.

ProDen PlaqueOff Animal – for healthy teeth and gums.  If you struggle keeping your dog and cats oral hygiene in check then ProDen PlaqueOff might be the product for you!! ProDen PlaqueOff™ Animal is a patent protected innovation for the reduction and control of plaque, calculus and bad breath in cats and dogs. It is produced from especially selected Norwegian seaweed (D1070). This completely natural product is simply added to wet or dry food once daily, with results usually seen between 3 and 8 weeks. This is a cost effective and *healthy way for you to keep your cats and dogs oral hygiene in check. (*No Vet visits)

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