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Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

With over 21,000 registered last year alone (2016) French Bulldogs have now become more popular than the Labrador.  The Kennel Club reported a 2,747 per cent increase in the registration of French Bulldogs since 2004.

As most of you know Michelle & I are French Bulldog owners ourselves, it all started some 13 years ago with our first Frenchie Fish who has now sadly passed. We missed her so much, her friendliness, character and sense of fun it made us go out and get another, Rooster.

Because they are so fashionable now, this has led to some unscrupulous breeders (we call them greeders) who ignore potential health issues, and believe me they have many. Sadly there are too many horrid people out there who just want to make money from puppies of all breeds and who have NO interest in the welfare of dogs.

The French Bulldog is not for everyone and because of this many are purchased as puppies and then quickly abandoned, abused or ignored.  Frenchies don’t like to be ignored!

Rooster was longing for a ‘dog friend’ and this is how we became friends and got involved with Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, Sardine, our rescue French Bulldog /American Bulldog cross arrived through a French Bulldog Rescue Charity.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is run by volunteers dedicated to helping French Bulldogs & their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Frenchies in need or at risk.

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue has been established [UK only] not only to offer a home to any Frenchie (or crossbreeds thereof) in need, but also to educate the public on this wonderful breed, promote good ownership and to help keep Frenchies at home with their families wherever possible. 

Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue will never turn away a dog in genuine need unless there are extremely exceptional circumstances.  Think you can help foster or maybe even adopt?  If you'd like to find out more about Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, then please click here or telephone 0300 772 7716

'Raising Frenchies from the Ashes, with TLC'

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