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Pet Stages Swat & Play Quiet Mat for Cats

Pet Stages Swat & Play Quiet Mat for Cats

Kitty keeping you up at night with noisy toys and play? We’ve got the solution! Petstages Swat & Play Quiet Mat keeps your cat entertained at night with quiet play!

Touch activated, randomly flashing lights, keeps cat engaged with quiet swatting and batting play then turns off automatically when cats are finished playing.

  • Petstages Swat & Play Quiet Mat was designed with quiet nighttime play in mind so kitty won't wake pet parents! 
  • Flashing lights keep cats engaged and quietly entertained and playing at night while pet parents sleep in peace. 
  • No human assistance needed! The Swat & Play Quiet Mat has touch activated lights that spring to life when cats play with the mat! When playtime is over and it's time for a cat nap, this play mat turns off automatically.

Pop in and see our extensive range of cat toys.  Cats love to play.

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