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Pet Bakery

Pet Bakery

When the Pet Bakery say chicken in their ingredients they mean chicken not chicken meal or chicken flavour, just chicken.

The ingredients at Pet Bakery come from the same people that supply their local home bakery (apart from the meat obviously).  Pet Bakery do not use anything that has been marked unfit for human consumption but “ok for pet food”.

Pet Bakery is available in five delicious varieties. 

  • Chicken Bones
  • Lamb & Mint
  • Sunday Roast
  • Cheese Paws
  • Puppy Chicken

Here are what some of the Pet Bakery fans had to say.

“I have two rescue dogs that I took off the streets of India so, yes, they are precious, I want to give them the best now to make up for the awful time they have had. I have spent the longest time getting their diet right and am delighted that I can now include your products into their lives. Their is alot of rubbish on the shelves-well done for producing such quality snacks."

"My two dogs Kenya and Ollie love these biscuits. They sit by the cupboard and won't move until they have their treat."

"I can't emphasise the quality of these biscuits enough - well worth every penny. Much better than the handmade rubbish you see in some department stores for three times the price. The biscuits resemble really fine shortbread and look good enough for humans to eat! Both our dogs (even the extremely fussy one) absolutely love them!”

At the Pet Bakery they take pride in making their biscuits to bring you and your dog something special, to make it a treat your dog won’t forget!

Your dog will think you baked them yourself.

Find Scampers Pet Store on the A142 Soham By-Pass between Ely and Newmarket, only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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