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Pet Angel Pet Brush

Pet Angel Pet Brush

Pet Angel incorporates the same tried and tested technology developed for the incredible Tangle Angel hairbrush, as tested on humans!

Innovative and unique anti-bacterial grooming and detangling brush. Great for long and short hair, wet or dry.  Scampers stock the original Pet Angel hairbrush and the handy pocket keyrings size, ideal for small toy dogs and cats.

*Pet Angel Review*

'This is the best thing the cat has ever had.  She loves the massage effect of the brush especially round the head and ears. Previously would not let us go near her with a regular pet brush but now looks forward to being brushed. Bought one for my friends cats too. They go crazy for it too. Better than catnip'

  • Special antibacterial additives – 99.9% effective at reducing the growth of unwanted bacteria
  • Anti static properties leaves your pets coat smooth and silky.
  • Kind and gentle way to leave your pets’ coat not only tangle-free, but also beautifully shiny.
  • Ideal for use whilst bathing or washing your pet.
  • Simple to clean,  tap the brush on a hard surface and watch the hair fall from the bristles.
  • Specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make your brush ultra hygienic and safe to use.

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