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Otodex 7 Day Fresh & Stink Off Spray

Otodex 7 Day Fresh & Stink Off Spray

We all love our pets, whether it’s dogs, cats or small indoor pets, they all become part of our families and we welcome them into our homes.

What we don’t welcome is the uninvited smells that come with them, whether it be a wet dog, a cat litter tray, or just the odour emanating from their cage.

These smells are difficult challenges to overcome, considering the high levels of close contact we choose to have with our pets! To help with our enjoyment of our pets there are two distinct challenges – to safely remove unpleasant odours and leave a long-lasting fresh fragrance, with products that are not harmful to our pets.

Otodex® 7 DAY FRESH is a microcapsule technology 7-day fragrance odour barrier. It works 24/7 to neutralise bad odours and replace them with a long-lasting fragrance.

How does microcapsule technology work you ask?  Invisible to the human eye, microcapsules deliver long lasting fragrance when people or pets are present. The biodegradable shell, a fraction of the size of a human hair, gently emanates a subtle fragrance. As soon as the shell is broken, it ruptures and gives a burst of long-lasting scent.

We recommend using 7 Day Fresh in conjunction with Stink Off optimum odour control. STINK OFF gets rid of the smell and 7 Day Fresh gives you a long-lasting fragrance

Otodex® STINK OFF works on contact with bad odours, forming a harmless, neutral molecule to completely eliminate the odour. This is achieved by combining natural renewable and sustainable plant extracts that are scientifically proven to work and of course, 100% natural.

Otodex® 7 Day Fresh & Stink Off is effective against:

  • Pet urine & faeces
  • Food aromas
  • General pet odours
  • Vomit
  • Stale smoke
  • Chemical odours
  • Body odour

And much more!

Easy to use too.  Just spray directly at the target area from a distance of 50cm – 100cm. Safe to use on floors, furnishings, bed linen and curtains. Non-hazardous.

Made from plant extracts.

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