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Oscar & Hooch Signature Range

Oscar & Hooch Signature Range

Oscar and Hooch has been inspired by two chocolate Labradors owned by Paul and Elaine. It was their desire to find stylish collars and leads for their boys that could withstand their pond dips, muck rolling and general dirty doggy behaviour, because dogs will be dogs after all and that led them to look into creating Oscar and Hooch, stylish collars and leads but also a practical range for like-minded dogs and dog owners.

And so the first range of dog collars and dog leads encompasses style that is happy both in the city or in the countryside and practicality that means both collar and lead can be washed without compromising functionality or design.

You want your dog to stand out and the envy of all the other dogs on your walk?   Welcome to Oscar and Hooch, I just love the range!

  • Design and practicality.
  • Made in Great Britain.

Oscar and Hooch dog collars and leads have been designed with you and your dogs in mind incorporating design, style and practicality.  Oscar and Hooch have used season trends for all the colour choices (and there are nine colours to choose from), high quality fabrics that are all washable and to ensure quality and all Oscar and Hooch products are made in Britain.

Why not pop in and see the new range of Oscar and Hooch.

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