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Orbiloc Dog Dual - The Safety Light

Orbiloc Dog Dual - The Safety Light

Orbiloc Dog Dual is a high quality LED safety light designed to keep both you and your dog safe. The light ensures that both of you are visible to others when out and about in the dark, drastically reducing the risk of being involved in an accident or dangerous situation.

With Orbiloc, other road users will be able to spot you from a distance of five kilometres, which leaves them plenty of time to react.

Orbiloc is made to withstand whatever your dog puts it through. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, it can withstand a load of 100kg and is functional from +50° to - 40 C°.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is also very user-friendly. To choose the function you prefer, just turn the Multi-Turn Mode Selector Ring to the left or right. It will flash (…) or stay steady-on (–), as indicated on the lens, so you can easily find the desired function. The battery life is 100 hours when steady-on, 250 hours when flashing.

The Orbiloc is so compact, 35mm x 20mm and a weight of only 19 grams, the Orbiloc Dog Dual is now more streamlined. That means it won’t get in your dog’s way, even if he’s lying down or rolling around on the light. The Orbiloc Dog Dual also ensures that the light is waterproof at all times – whether it’s on or off.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is made exclusively in Denmark, which means the highest standards in quality, design and workmanship.

Orbiloc are so confident you'll be satisfied that they have included a three-year warranty for your Orbiloc Dog Dual (

Be safe and Be Seen.  Pop in and get yourself THE safety light, Orbiloc Dog Dual.

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