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Ora-Bone Dental Chew

Ora-Bone Dental Chew

Introducing Ora-Bone dental treats for dogs.  Up to 2 times the dental cleaning surface in your dog’s mouth, compared to other ‘leading’ brands.  

Research shows the most common problem that affects dogs' mouths is gum disease. Starting silently with no obvious signs, it can advance very quickly, causing chronic pain, eroded gums, missing teeth, even bone loss.  Did you know gum disease is so common, studies show over 80% of dogs suffer a stage of gum disease before they are three years old.

Made in the USA, Ora-Bone was designed to “do dental better”.  Each bone contains three breath-freshening ingredients, to fight bad breath not only in your dog’s mouth but they also help combat bad breath caused by the gut too.

Made with real chicken, plus mint, parsley and chlorophyll, the Ora-Bone bone contains NO artificial colours or flavours.

Ora-Bone has up to two times the cleaning surface area of similar products! Each surface of the dental treat has a specific dental feature which aids in keeping your dog’s whole mouth clean. The centre bulb cleans behind the front teeth, roof of the mouth and tongue – all the places a doggy toothbrush can’t quite reach!

Different tapered ribs and channels in the dental bone not only aid in removing plaque and tartar, they encourage movement in your pet’s mouth and cause teeth fitting channels to form. This helps clean the teeth more effectively. Little nibs in the bone massage the gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath.

Not only are Ora-Bone low in fat at just 3%, they also come in 3 different sizes to cater for all breeds of dogs.

Are your dog's teeth healthy?  Pop in store and see our natural healthy range of dental care.

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