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Nosh Wood Chews

Nosh Wood Chews

Now there’s a bone to suit all life-stages and chewing styles for your dog.

Why do dogs chew?

Chewing is a completely natural behaviour, dogs chew for a number of reasons. Puppies may chew for relief from teething or simply to explore their new surroundings. For more mature dogs, chewing helps keep their teeth clean and strengthen their jaws.  .

Chewing also helps alleviate boredom and stress or even frustration. In order to satisfy this natural chewing instinct, it is important to offer toys that are appropriate for the age and chewing style of your dog.

Because no two dogs approach chewing in the same way, Nosh Wood bones are a great splinter-free alternative for dogs that love to chew on sticks.

Nosh Wood bones are designed for more enthusiastic chewers as well as bones made from a combination of wood and nylon with a natural wood scent that attracts dogs.

Nosh Wood bones are for all life-stages and chewing styles.  They are available in three sizes, small, medium and large.

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