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Nibbly Cat Treats

Nibbly Cat Treats

Get hooked on Nibbly treats for your cats.  Does your cat love a tasty treat? Then Nibbly treats is just the thing for you.

Nibbly treats have a very unique texture & are easy to digest for cats.  Available in three varieties and six flavours.

Nibbly Wraps.  Bite-sized fish wrapped in real chicken breast.  Nibbly Jerky.  Chewy chicken slices.  Nibbly Grills. Flavoured chicken slices with added fish

  • Unique texture: soft and easy to chew
  • High meat content, low in calories
  • High meat content, low in calories & easy to digest
  • Made with delicious, non-GMO ingredients
  • No meat or animal derivatives
  • No sugars
  • Does not contain grain, wheat or corn

Catit Nibbly treats combines the best from land and sea, it’s the perfect treat for cats who love both!  Catit Nibbly treats have a unique, natural texture and are very soft, which makes them easy to chew and swallow.  Your cats will love our new Catit Nibbly treats and keep them happy and purring for a very long time.

Pop into Scampers and check out our full range of natural and healthy treats for your cats. 

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