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Neophobic Behaviour

Neophobic Behaviour

Do you have a fussy eater, won't try new foods? 
Well there's a name for that!  Neophobic in cats, (having an intense or irrational dislike of anything new or unfamiliar)

Neophobia is when a cat is very reluctant to try new foods.  We get this a lot at Scampers when our customers are trying to switch to a healthier and more natural option for their cats.  99% successful so far.

It is important not to discontinue their old diet until your cat is consistently eating the new diet.  We always recommend to our customers who are switching their cats’ diet to:

  1. Feed the new food in a different or new bowl.
  2. Feed in a different space (their favourite space in the house) to where they normally eat, they will think it’s a treat and not a trick.
  3. Be patient, switching a cat’s food can take up to 6 months or more.

Food preferences tend to develop early in a cat’s life, influenced in many cases by what their mother eats. This stresses the benefit of presenting kittens with a range of foods, so that variety is to be enjoyed rather than feared.

So, when introducing your cat to a different type of food, you should always ensure that it is done gradually and with patience, under the least stressful conditions.

Some cats may seem to prefer sticking to their usual diet (that they may have eaten since being a kitten) and may sniff a new food and initially seem uninterested.

However, research has shown, that if the food is palatable & nutritious and introduced gradually over several days most cats will end up trying it, out of curiosity. If they find the food to be acceptable, they will usually continue to eat it.

Alternatively, it is important to start them on a high protein, meat based, species appropriate food, to ensure they continue to eat a healthy, nutritious diet throughout their lives.

Pop in and speak to a Pet Care Advisor, we have the experience (and frustration) when it comes to changing diets in our cats.

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Thanks to our friends at Purrform for this article.