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Natures Menu

All our advisors have received training on this method of feeding dogs and are always available to give advice on all aspects of pet food and the pros and cons of any diet which you might choose for your "best friends".

The Natures Menu range includes;

Country Hunter Grain Free Nuggets

Country Hunter use only  the very best stuff to make their meaty nuggets and then fast freeze each nugget to lock in the fabulous flavours that dogs will love. Country Hunter raw complete meals are nutritionally complete and balanced and packed full of all of the ingredients that dogs need.  They are all single protein source, grain free and packed with natural supplements to create the super foods that today’s nutrition savvy pet owner looks for.

Frozen Nuggets
Natures Menu Nuggets have natural digestive enzymes, acids and pro-biotics and beneficial bacteria, promoting good gut health. Contains micro minerals and a rich source of chondroitin for healthy bones and joints. Contains natural omega oils and fatty acids. Boosts B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and amino acids for muscular development. The nuggets are available in puppy, lamb, beef, chicken and tripe, chicken, active, banquet, senior and fruit and vegetables.

Frozen Complete Blocks
Offering the benefit of natural probiotics and natural antioxidants which can aid your dog’s immune system, as well as Omega 3 & 6 from salmon oil which helps to maintain healthy joints, bones and a shiny coat. Natures Menu is hypoallergenic.  Available in 4 delicious complete diets.

Frozen Minced Blocks
The packs of minced meats are pre minced and packed into a convenient 400gm formed square for ease of storage. Once defrosted the soft mince is ready to serve. These are simply minced whole meats with nothing added. You can be confident that the ingredient is simply pure fresh meat.

These 400g blocks come in all beef, chicken and tripe, rabbit dinner, lamb dinner, chicken, white fish, turkey and tripe.

Frozen Free Flow Minces
These packs of free flow minced meats are minced and packed in individual 2kg bags. The thicker mince freeflow is easy to use. Simply pour out the required amount and defrost a lovely loose mince that when defrosted is just like your butchers best minced meats. These are simply minced whole meats with nothing added. You can be confident that the ingredient is simply pure fresh meat. The range we have in store is chicken and tripe, tripe, chicken, lamb dinner and beef.

100% Whole Meat Chunks
Our whole meat chunks are great for satisfying your dogs need to chew on meaty pieces or meaty bones. Roughly chopped whole meaty pieces are presented loose in 1kg bags, ideal for taking out exactly what you need to use. We stock them all: beef chunks, heart chunks, liver chunks, tripe chunks, chicken wings, poultry chunks and fish fillet

The following information is supplied by Natures Menu
How to start feeding raw food;
Do not rush it, wean your dog off its current diet and onto raw steadily and progressively over a period of a few weeks.

Stay with one protein source initially. Stick to chicken to start with as it is easy to digest and in time you can introduce other meats such as beef, lamb and tripe. 

A simple and relatively fool-proof way of starting is by feeding Natures Menu complete nuggets, Country Hunter Grain Free or frozen mince blocks. They are prepared from whole cuts of meat, fresh vegetables and gently cooked rice grains. They also contain all of the vitamins and minerals needed to provide your dog with a balanced, nutritionally complete raw diet in one easy step.  Never feed cooked bones. Cooked bones are prone to splinter and can cause internal problems for your pet. Raw bones are easily chewed and digested to provide much needed calcium. 

You can introduce raw bones and foods to puppies such as chicken and lamb from about 6 weeks of age, if you wish.   Please always supervise your dogs when eating any bones.

All of Natures Menu frozen food has a low Glycaemic Index (GI), which is more suitable for diabetics. Food with a high GI decreases sensitivity to insulin and increases hunger. Therefore, it is suitable to feed to a diabetic dog.

They only use in date, human grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all our food passes stringent safe bacteria tests before it leaves their  factory.

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