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Natures Menu Raw Meaty Bones

Natures Menu Raw Meaty Bones

In our natural treat freezer you will find 100% natural whole meaty chunks and chews that are exactly what they say on the bag.  Ideal for all of those big mouths looking for hunks of meat to chew on or BARF style meaty bones like beef chunks and chicken wings.

All packed in 1kg bags these treats are ideal for raw users and enable you to take out individual pieces.

Available in the range are:
Heart Chunks, Beef Chunks, Liver Chunks, Tripe Chunks, Fish Fillets, Chicken Wings, Poultry Breast Chunks

Great for dogs and cats, yes cats, as natural treats or added to your pet’s bowl as part of their complete raw diet.

We also stock the Natures Menu range of smaller packs of raw bones:
Beef Trachea, Duck Necks, Lamb Hearts, Beefy Meaty Chunks, Beef Knuckle Bones, Beef Ribs,  Lamb Ribs, Lamb Necks, Duck Wings, Marrowbone and Turkey Necks.

Chicken wings and whole chunks are great fed along side a complete raw diet as they really get the mouth of the dogs working and strengthen the teeth and gums.

If you would like to know more about feeding your dogs or cats a complete BARF diet, pop into Scampers and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors.

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