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Natures Menu - Pouches for Cats

Natures Menu - Pouches for Cats

Natural Cat Food from the Natures Menu kitchen is the natural choice for the best meaty food pouches and cat treats. Choose natural cat food with Natures Menu100g pouch range! Cats love real meat and Natures Menu cat food is crammed full of it!  And not one derivative in the box!

Unlike standard supermarket pouch cat foods Natures Menu actually fill their cat dinners with over 70% of the real meat that cats love. Your cats will enjoy the real meaty taste day after day. Take the Natures Menu challenge and hear your cats purr with delight.


  • No colourings
  • No preservatives
  • No flavourings

Natures Menu is available in kitten, four adult variety packs and senior, including a multi-variety.

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