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Nandi Jerky Strips

Nandi Jerky Strips

Nandi Jerky Strips, the 100% natural and healthy 'anytime snack'.

Behind Nandi is a team of animal-loving social entrepreneurs. They only source their proteins from African farmers who share our values and who follow the highest standards of food safety, quality and, of course, ethics.

Nandi Jerky Strips are lovingly made in their world-class kitchen. Prepared using all-natural ingredients, their Jerky Strips are guaranteed to contain more than 50% meat. They only use pure meat trimmings – no mechanically separated or deboned meat, and no meat derivatives.

Each delicious Jerky Strip is slow dried and smoked with real hard woods. Nandi Jerky Strips are grain-free and only use natural preservatives like rosemary extract and rooibos.

All Nandi Jerky Strips are made from novel African proteins such as :-

  • Karoo Ostrich
  • Nguni Beef
  • Cape Fish
  • Kalahari Lamb
  • Bushveld Venison

100% Natural and Nutritious. 

Nandi Jerky Strips proteins are 100% free from hormones and routine antibiotics, and contain no artificial preservatives, added grains or unnatural fillers. Nandi pet treats are naturally healthy and nutritious.

These are the ingredients you might find on the back of the packet of your current jerky strips, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals, Oils and Fats, Antioxidants

Nandi Jerky Strips are ideal Anytime Snacks – you can give them to your pet whenever you want to reward or spoil them with something healthy and delicious.  Tried, tested and loved by the Scampers Chief Testers, Rooster & Sardine.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is open seven days a week and easy to find on the A142 Soham by-pass between Ely and Newmarket.  

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.