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McAdams Scottish Salmon & Free Range Chicken

McAdams Scottish Salmon & Free Range Chicken

The team at McAdams’ are delighted to announce their new line in ultra-premium dog food with the launch of the new Free Range Chicken and Sustainably Sourced Scottish Salmon Fillet dry dog food.

Renowned across the UK and beyond for their use of Whole Free Range British Chicken, they are excited to produce a food with Sustainably Farmed Scottish Salmon, complimented with all natural ingredients without the use of additives such as processed meat meal, whilst helping to support ethical, cruelty free, British farming. 

McAdams’ is different; they slow roast their food in ovens to seal in taste and to ensure the nutritional value remains high. The result is a uniquely aromatic kibble, irresistible to all life stages with a unique crunch aspect from the hand prepared grain free kibble. 

The benefits of feeding a salmon diet are notorious for providing your dog with an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are responsible for contributing to skin and coat health and distinguished in the aid of joint care. Making the salmon diet particularly favourable to our older canine citizens and larger breeds, to help with mobility, and they are grain free – McAdams is gentle on the digestive system, essential for our aging and or sensitive dogs. 

McAdams has travelled far from the homemade kitchen food it began as, but they’ve remained close to the same hearty recipe. McAdams understand the importance of your dog’s diet and the McAdams small team of passionate dog lovers are working continuously on enhancing and improving what goes into their food - so that their own canine companions and now yours can live a long and healthy life. 

Pop in and speak to a Scampers Pet Care Advisor in store for help and advice. 

You’ll smell the difference when you open the bag.

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