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Markus-Mühle Dog Food

Markus-Mühle Dog Food

We looked at this great biologically appropriate food from Markus-Mühle for more than two years after first seeing it in Germany. The concept is brilliant as it does not rely upon high temperature cooking processes used in the  normal extrusion manufacturing of dog foods but instead uses the cold water press system for the ultimate protection of the nutritional value of all the natural ingredients.

We really love the Markus-Mühle environmental and ethical based philosophies which they apply at all levels of their company, this is why they have been recognized with numerous green awards within Europe  for their products and their way of doing business.

Here’s what Markus-Mühle say about their great dog food and the way it is made.

Dear dog lover!

It has been scientifically proven that dogs have evolved from wolves and over thousands of years their digestive system has changed very little.

In the wild they would feed on berries, herbs, fish and insects, but mainly on a variety of prey, of which they eat not just the meat, but bones, offal, body fluids, tripe, stomach, and partially digested grass, fur etc. This kind of diet would provide them with all the nutrients they need to thrive and stay healthy.

The best diet for a dog would be natural prey- but this is not easy to achieve.This is in fact the principle behind the development o f Markus-Mühle.  And the result is a unique and as natural as possible complete dog food.

Together with the help of nutritional specialists Markus-Mühle exclusively offers a complete dog food suitable to meet the nutritional demands for dogs of all ages due to it’s unique composition and the careful manufacturing process.

All the ingredients are individually ground to improve bioavailability and to ensure a very easy to digest optimal energy value of 367Kcal/100g.

Our Competence: Welfare orientated, as natural as possible and only cold water pressed pet food.  We supply 15 different countries around the world with our products. The foundation for this success was laid by the master miller Josef Olberts over 50 years ago.

The philosophy of the owners Steffi and Markus Olberts can be summed up in one simple sentence: “In harmony with nature” - this statement is the core of our company principles.

This statement includes the products as well as the production processes. As a result Markus-Mühle - a company of the Lupo Group - never conducts tests on animals or uses GM modified ingredients, artificial flavours and colourings, preservatives or attractants.  All our products, including our supplements are produced, inspected and shipped from the factory several times a day.

Fresh products with consistent high quality – this is our promise!  To take this even further the whole production line uses hydropower. Markus-Mühle was one of the first companies in the region of Rheinland Pfalz to do so. “This was a very expensive decision, but every year we avoid producing over 800 tons of green house gas Co2. For us this means active climate protection” states Markus Olberts.

Regional employment is another very important aspect of the family philosophy.  About 50 employees are living in the area and the use of local services is preferred. We offer extensive training to all our staff, because qualified people are the best investment for the future. Co-operation partners from all over Europe also complement our team.

At the same time Markus Olberts and the whole company are working together with animal welfare and nature protection projects. “We want to keep the balance between humans and animals” is the explanation.

The food contains Acticell which is rich in secondary phytochemicals and ensures a better digestion, improves feed conversion and strengthens the immune system with Fruit power - Fuel for the cells !

Guaranteed Cold Pressed Markus-Mühle is available in 15 kg bags and is FREE from animal bone meal.

FREE from inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate, lime stone or feed lime.  FREE from chemical additives like preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring.  FREE from GM products.  FREE from vegetable by-products, (which are difficult to digest) such as bran, cereals, soya extract or gluten.

  • Made with love, poultry, venison, fish and egg yolk which are source’s of high quality proteins for dogs.
  • Protects vital substances, by producing using the cold- water pressed method.
  • Chunk form, to satisfy the chewing instinct and aids salivation.
  • Natural fibre for good digestion
  • With Acticell fruit power!

The Ingredients:  28% dried poultry meat meal, thermally treated whole grain rice, thermally treated whole grain maize, 8% game tripe meal, rice and maize germs, 5% venison bone meal, Jerusalem artichoke meal, dried Beet root meal, 5% sea fish meal, cold pressed linseed oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil, 2% egg yolk,dried peat, fruit powder  (combination of carobs, pineapples, papayas, bananas, acerola cherries, apples, pears, blueberries, mangos, raspberries), dried herb mixture, salmon oil, algae meal, dried Mojave yucca.

Full analysis available in-store at Scampers.

Markus-Mühle.  "We are very excited about the arrival of Markus-Mühle at Scampers and if you would like more information or to get a sample for your dogs please ask a Scampers Pet Care Advisor."

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