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Maizy Cat Litter

Maizy Cat Litter

Just 100% Natural Puffed Sweetcorn.  
The most natural, best clumping type of litter you can buy!

Are you looking for a cat litter that is 100% biodegradable & earth friendly, free from perfumes and additives, cost effective, low maintenance and lighter to carry? Well we've found it!

100% natural, Maizy Cat Litter soaks up urine and mess with ease. Incredibly fast clumping, all you need to do is remove any soiled litter with a scoop. Flushable and compostable, Maizy Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable, earth friendly and free from nasty additives and perfumes. Highly absorbent and quickly locking in smells, Maizy Cat Litter traps in nasty litter tray odours.

Maizy is a cost effective and low maintenance cat litter as you only need to remove waste clumps and completely empty and clean the litter tray every 2-3 weeks.

Ultra Absorbent
Maizy Cat Litter use a special process with takes whole kernels of corn and turns them into incredibly absorbent granules - just like little sponges.

Flushable & Biodegradable
Because Maizy is so light and natural it is perfectly okay to flush it down the toilet or add to your compost heap.

Planet Friendly 
Compared to standard, mined mineral cat litters

Virtually Dust Free 
Stays tidier longer and easier to clear up

Fast Clumping 
The moment liquid hits these clever little nuggets, they form a firm clump, so cleaning the litter tray is a breeze.

Locks Away Smells
No more coming home to unpleasant smells

Lighter Bags
Much easier to carry home than old fashioned mineral litters.

Maizy Cat Litter is gentle on little paws and it's texture is appealing to cats and kittens.  Available Sizes: 12litres, 24litres.

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