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Lovejoys Pure & Simple

Lovejoys Pure & Simple

Lovejoys Pure & Simple is a complete grain free pet food for adult dogs.

Lovejoys state that they understand how good ingredients can improve the health and happiness of your dog and they have taken great effort to ensure everything that goes into their food is for their benefit and nothing else.

No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of Lovejoys foods.

Lovejoys is made from top quality ingredients which have been carefully selected for their health benefits.  Lovejoys includes Seaweed Oil, due its beneficial support for a healthy brain, vision and nervous system. Lovejoys use seaweed that is sustainable and renewable, making it environmentally friendly too.

This diet is also grain free meaning that it does not contain corn or wheat which can be found to cause an allergenic reaction to the ingredients.

Feeding your dog grain free may help if your dog has chronic skin or digestive problems.

Grain free, high protein diets such as Lovejoys Pure and Simple are highly digestible which typically means results in decreased stool volume. Finally grain free foods are more calorically dense allowing for smaller portions to be feed.

This food can be fed in conjunction with the Lovejoys Pure & Simple Grain Free Wet Food Range.

  • Highly digestible
  • Lower in Carbohydrates
  • 38% Turkey provides improved digestibility and excellent palatability
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables added to support natural fibre in the diet
  • Prebiotics MOS and FOS included to help promote a healthy gut, encouraging good bacteria

Lovejoys Pure & Simple Grain Free is a new addition to the Lovejoys Pure & Simple Wet Food Range

Lovejoys Pure & Simple Dry Food is available in 3 different flavours Lamb, Salmon & Turkey in 2kg and 12kg bags.

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